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Knits Up?

Video Episode 20 - Something Red

Jan 29, 2012

On the needles

Summer Moss Socks  

Dad's Red Titan Vest.   The yarn is Mary Maxim Titan.   The pattern is from Crystal Palace Yarns.

Giants Hat.   The yarn is Lion Brand Fun.   The chart for the NY is from Mandy Powers.

Craft Yarn Council

Yarn Standards - includes not only the 1 - 6 weight systems, but terminology,...

Jan 15, 2012

What about the other 99%, hard working largely ignored yarns, in your stash? 

We always hear about the 1%, the new purchases, shiny, limited, and pretty. 

This is a show dedicated to the 99%.

(Obviously, I am using this language tongue in cheek. ;)

Cardigan Patterns

Knitting Pure and Simple Neck Down Cardigan #287