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Knits Up?

Feb 12, 2011

What's on my needles - The same thing as last week.   The Braids Cardigan - yeah sleeves!


I will be putting up links to videos for double decrease and M1 (make one) over on the Facebook page.


Finding a local knitting group

1) Call your library.

2) Check out your LYS (Local Yarn Store) for open knitting nights and classes.  

You can look online for a phone number or look up YARN in the yellow pages of your phone book.   You can also text to word GOOGLE (466453) and in the body of the message type YARN and then leave a space and type in your zip code.  Google will send you back a text message with the name and address of the nearest yarn store.   This feature is handy when you are in another city looking for a yarn store.



5) Ask other shoppers if they know of any knitting group when you are out shopping for yarn.



Artists featured on this podcast come from the Podsafe Music Network (

Eleanor Fye - Sing Myself to Sleep

Chris Floyd - I Want to be Amazed