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Knits Up?

Jan 14, 2010 Options Needles

KnitLite Needles

Super Fast Hat Pattern

One skein (217-300 yards) worsted weight yarn
One skein (217-300 yards) sport weight yarn
4.5 mm 16 inch circular needle
One set of 4.5 mm double point needles
Gauge is 4 stitches to the inch.

Cast on 68 Stitches using German Twisted Cast On
Mark beginning of round and join so you are knitting in the round.

(Knit 2, Purl 2) for 1.5 to 2 inches.

Knit stockinette stitch (knit all stitches) until hat fits your head and you are ready to start the crown (imagine Friar Tuck/Porky Pig and that is where you want to start the decreases).

You may have to switch to the double point needles here.

(Knit 15, Knit 2 together), Repeat 3 times until you get to the marker.  You will have decreased 4 stitches and now you have 64 stitches on the needles.

Knit one round

(Knit 6, Knit 2 together), Repeat 7 more times until you get to the marker.

Knit one round

(Knit 5, SSK), Repeat 7 more times until you get to the marker.

Knit one round.

Continue to decrease in this manner every other round until you have 8 stitches left.   Cut yarn LEAVING A 12 Inch TAIL.   Thread yarn tail onto a tapestry needles and run the tail through the 8 stitches.   Weave in the ends.    Hat is done.


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